September 2, 2022

Nurse Sues after Being Fired By CVS for Refusal to Prescribe Abortion Drugs

Paige Casey
photo credit: Alliance Defending Freedom
Paige Casey, a nurse practitioner who was fired by MinuteClinic (a division of CVS) for refusing to provide abortion-inducing drugs, filed a lawsuit against her former employer on August 31.

Casey is a Catholic whose faith prohibits her from facilitating abortions. She worked at MinuteClinic for three and a half years, but she was informed January of 2022 that CVS would no longer honor her religious objection to abortion. She was fired just a few months later. Ironically, she was given a merit-based pay increase just two days before she was fired.

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is representing Casey in her case against CVS.

“Corporations like CVS cannot defy the law by firing professionals who want to work consistently with their faith,” said ADF Senior Counsel Denise Harle, director of the ADF Center for Life. “Paige had a spotless record of caring for patients, yet CVS decided to abruptly fire her solely because of her religious belief that life begins at conception. Virginia law protects the freedom of everyone to work without fear of being fired for their religious beliefs prohibiting participation in abortion.”

ADF's press release notes that Virginia's Conscience Clause prohibits employers from discriminating against employees to refuse to participate in abortion due to their pro-life beliefs. The organization hopes to prevent CVS from forcing other pro-life employees to either participate in abortion or lose their jobs.