August 24, 2022

Walmart Announces Plan to Pay Abortion Costs and Travel Expenses

Walmart, the largest private employer in the nation, announced on August 19 that will expand its abortion coverage for employees.

Walmart's previous benefits plan covered abortion if the mother's health was in danger or the child was unlikely to survive birth. The new benefits plan will extend coverage to pay for abortions in cases of rape, incest, or if the abortion would take place at any point before fetal viability. General medical consensus places viability at 23-24 weeks gestation. With medical assistance, however, preemies have survived after only 21 weeks.

Additionally, Walmart will pay the travel expenses of any employee who does not live within 100 miles of an abortion business. This will be used to abort children who would otherwise be protected by pro-life laws.

A memo by Walmart's Chief People Officer Donna Morris also said that the retail giant is launching a "center for fertility services," and increasing its financial support for adoptions from $5,000 to $20,000.