August 18, 2022

Abortionists to Open New Locations in Carbondale

Following the reversal of Roe v. Wade, abortionists in states with pro-life laws have been moving their businesses to locations where governments are willing to condone their deadly practices. Illinois is one such state. While we have recently highlighted a Wisconsin abortionist opening an abortion business in Rockford, it is also true that at least two abortionists are planning to open abortion facilities in Carbondale.

Jennifer Pepper, the CEO of CHOICES abortion clinic in Memphis, Tennessee, spoke about her plans in an interview with St. Louis Public Radio: “When they announced the Dobbs case, we knew that meant that we were likely going to lose access to abortion in Tennessee within the next 12 months,” she said. “I stared at a map and it just kind of all came to me and (I) said to my team — ‘I think it’s this town, in Carbondale. Carbondale had this opportunity to be a critical access point for the entire southeastern United States.”

Abortionist Alan Braid, who openly defied Texas's Heartbeat law after it took effect earlier this year, also announced he plans to relocate to Carbondale.

Carbondale has an Amtrack station connecting it to various pro-life states south of Illinois. It's also a college town. Southern Illinois University has a campus in Carbondale that might draw abortion businesses to the location.