July 8, 2022

Missouri Attorney General Plans to Sue Cities that Use Taxes to Pay for Abortion Travel

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt (R)
In response to legislation proposed by local lawmakers in St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt stated his intent to sue any city in the state that breaks the law by using taxpayer dollars to pay for abortion travel.

If these funds are successful, they will certainly be used to reimburse women who come to Illinois for abortions.

The Kansas City Council passed a resolution directing the city manager to develop a plan to reimburse city employees for “healthcare-related travel expenses and any other barriers for healthcare not available within the City’s limits.” Additionally, the city manager is directed to negotiate an enrollment period for city employees to choose a health insurance plan that covers abortion.

A St. Louis bill would create a municipal "Reproductive Equity Fund," using $1 million dollars from the city's federal COVID relief funding. The St. Louis Mayor said that she would sign the bill if it reaches her desk.

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Missouri's "trigger law" made abortion illegal in the state. Furthermore, using taxpayer dollars to fund abortion is illegal in Missouri.

“Using hard-earned taxpayer dollars, whether it be [American Rescue Plan] funds or other forms of revenue, to fund abortions is plainly illegal under Missouri law,” Schmitt said in a statement

“St. Louis City and County, and Kansas City, and any others who attempt to authorize taxpayer-funded abortions will be met with a lawsuit from the Missouri Attorney General’s Office.”