July 13, 2022

Federal Court Lifts Injunction Against Indiana's Dismemberment Abortion Ban

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita (R)
Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita successfully petitioned a federal district court to lift an injunction against his state's dismemberment abortion ban.

The US Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade allowed Rokita to file a motion to lift the injunction. The district court's decision can be read here.

Dismemberment abortions, otherwise known as dilation and evacuation (d&e) abortions, are especially violent. Such abortions require an abortionist to reach into the mother's womb with metal instruments and tear individual body parts from the unborn child's body. The abortion is complete when all body parts have been ripped from the child and removed from the mother's womb. The child dies due to blood loss.

“The court’s ruling this week vacating its earlier injunction that permitted this gruesome procedure to continue is an exciting battle victory in our war to defend the unborn and protect women,” Attorney General Rokita said. “My office will continue to take all necessary steps to limit abortion, assist mothers, empower families to choose life, and ultimately protect the lives of the unborn.”