June 23, 2022

US Senators Announce Pro-life Legislation

On June 15, US Senators Mitt Romney (R-UT), Richard Burr (R-NC), and Steve Daines (R-Mt) announced the Family Security Act 2.0. This updated version of the Family Security Act consolidates existing federal spending into a new benefit program.

According to a press release by Romney's office, the legislation "would modernize antiquated federal policies into a fully paid-for, cash benefit for working families starting during pregnancy, amounting to $350 a month for each young child, and $250 a month for each school-aged child."

"As the modern economy seems to discount the merits of raising children, federal family policy remains scattered across the tax code and dozens of different programs," the press release explains. "Each year, an average working family has to wait until tax season rolls around to pay a tax preparer a few hundred dollars in order to find out how much of the Child Tax Credit or Earned Income Tax Credit they will receive. Our country should make transparent investments in American families that leave the family in charge, not federal bureaucrats."

The press release also includes a statement from National Right to Life:
“National Right to Life applauds Sens. Mitt Romney, Richard Burr, and Steve Daines for their work on the Family Security Act 2.0. The plan would permit pregnant mothers to receive a monthly payment starting several months prior to a child’s due date. This life-affirming provision not only empowers mothers, but acknowledges that life begins before birth. This funding would directly support mothers and their unborn children to help prepare for the arrival of the baby.”

The senators released an explainer of how the new benefit program would work if the Family Security Act 2.0 is passed into law. That can be found here.