June 22, 2022

March for Life Chicago Condemns Pritzker's Campaign to Make Illinois an Abortion Destination

March for Life Chicago called out Gov. J.B Pritzker for his recent comments indicating that he intends to make Illinois a destination for midwesterners seeking abortion; especially if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade in its upcoming Dobbs v. Jackson ruling.

“Governor Pritzker, do you really think out-of-state families want an Illinois tourism guide with a cover that reads: Welcome to the abortion capital of the Midwest?” responded March for Life Chicago Director Kevin Grillot. “Take a look at neighboring states and you will see that the Midwest is not a place for abortions, but a place for families.”

Pritzker signed a bill into law last year that repealed Illinois's only pro-life policy. The Parental Notice of Abortion Act required abortion businesses to notify the parents of a minor who schedules an abortion. That law went into effect June 1, 2022.

“As dedicated life advocates continue to win entire states, it will not be long before the Midwest pro-life movement is concentrated on Illinois. When that time comes, Governor Pritzker, what do you think the 78% of Illinois residents in favor of parental notification of abortion will do when they learn you repealed their parental rights?” Grillot continued.

“It’s about saving Midwestern lives, those of women and their children,” Grillot said. “We invite all Midwesterners to stand for life, especially following the release of the United States Supreme Court Dobbs decision which could overturn Roe v. Wade.”

“One opportunity for the people of Illinois and around the Midwest to affirm life is our upcoming Dobbs Life Rally and March on Saturday, July 9, 2022,” shared Grillot. That event is at 2 p.m. on Chicago’s Federal Plaza (50 West Adams).