October 22, 2021

Montana AG Appeals Injunction Against Three Pro-Life Laws

Last week, District Judge Michael Moses issued a preliminary injunction blocking the enforcement of three pro-life laws passed by the Montana legislature and signed by pro-life Gov Greg Gianforte (R). The injunction prevents the laws from going into effect while the deliberates on the constitutionality of the laws. In response, Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen announced this week that he is appealing that injunction in an attempt to enforce the overwhelmingly passed legislation.

The three laws were originally set to go into effect on Oct. 1. The Montana Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act prohibits the abortion of children who have reached 20 weeks gestation. Another bill requires abortionists to offer women the opportunity to view an ultrasound before having an abortion. The third bill requires women to be informed of the potential risks involved with the abortion pill regimen. Women who want to take the abortion pill would be required to visit a doctor in person, and it would be illegal to distribute abortion pills through the mail.

A notice filed by the Montana Department of Justice said,

"Abortionists are not entitled to exemptions from commonsense protections for their patients. The state laws that Planned Parenthood is seeking to overturn require better medical care, but Planned Parenthood, a business that calls itself a “health” organization, is fighting to attempt to ensure that substandard regulations remain law. Women deserve health and safety; they don’t forfeit that when they consider having an abortion."

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