August 31, 2021

Mississippi Man Pleads Guilty to First Degree Murder of Girlfriend He Suspected was Pregnant

After over two years of delays in the trial of Mississippian Brandon Theesfeld, who was charged with the murder of his girlfriend whom he suspected of being pregnant, he has pled guilty to murder in the first degree.

Pleading guilty of first-degree murder means that he won't face the death penalty for his actions, but he will still face a life sentence in prison.

On July 20, 2019, Theeself shot Alexandria Kostial multiple times, causing her death. He took this brutal action after having multiple conversations with her over text about her potential pregnancy. It was also found that he searched for information about abortion online in the months after Kostial first mentioned the potential pregnancy on April 12, 2019. As July 20 approached, he purchased a pistol and made internet searches for hollow tip ammunition, tactical face masks, and how convicted serial killer Ted Bundy lured his victims.

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