August 16, 2021

Indiana AG Asks 7th Circuit to Hear Appeal of Pro-Life Laws

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita
After last week's decision by District Court Judge Sarah Evans Baker to place a permanent injunction against the enforcement of six Indiana pro-life regulations, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita appealed the decision to the Seventh Circuit U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Judge Barker did uphold some pro-life provisions, including a requirement that women seeking abortions first undergo ultrasounds and a requirement that abortions involving the abortion pill regimen meet FDA standards.

Indiana Right to Life wrote,
"Under the injunction, Indiana is blocked from enforcing physician-only limitations on chemical abortions, Indiana’s ban on chemical abortions via telemedicine, Indiana’s requirement that second trimester abortions can only be done in hospitals, Indiana’s requirement that women be informed about an unborn baby’s ability to feel pain at 20 weeks, Indiana’s requirement that women be informed that human physical life begins at fertilization, and multiple physical requirements for facilities that do abortions."

Rokita is asking the Seventh Circuit to hear the case so that it might be overturned, but he is also requesting the court to place a stay on the lower court's injunction. This would allow Indiana to enforce the laws until the Appeals Court makes its decision.

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