July 16, 2021

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Kentucky AG's Petition to Defend Dismemberment Abortion Ban

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron
The Supreme Court agreed on Tuesday to hear Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron's appeal to be allowed to defend a Kentucky law banning dismemberment abortions. The case will be heard on October 12, 2021.

Kentucky's House Bill 454 was signed into law by former Gov. Matt Bevin in 2018, but it never took effect. It was quickly enjoined and struck down by U.S District Judge Joseph McKinley Jr. when pro-abortion organizations filed a lawsuit. After that ruling, pro-abortion Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear (who recently won an election) declined to defend the law.

Pro-life Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron petitioned the Supreme Court in March 2021 to be given the right to defend the law as the state's duly elected attorney general. The court accepted his petition, and it will hear arguments on October 12, 2021.

Attorney General Cameron is asking the Supreme Court:

Whether a state attorney general vested with the power to defend state law should be permitted to intervene after a federal court of appeals invalidates a state statute when no other state actor will defend the law.

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