June 2, 2021

Texas Woman Sues Hospital to Save Husband from "10 Day Rule"

A Texas hospital has invoked the state's "10-day rule" against a man who is responsive and doesn't report any pain. The rule allows the hospital to withdraw all care unless a patient's family can find another facility to take the patient within 10 days.

On Tuesday, May 25, Baylor Scott & White Hospital told Eugenia Costea that she had ten days to find a new facility to take her husband, Bill Costea. Bill is on a ventilator, but he is awake and can communicate with others. The hospital argues that he only has weeks to live, and is threatening to remove Bill's ventilator, blood pressure medication, nutrition, and water.

Bill was hospitalized in April 2021 due to heart complications. Now, the hospital has decided that his life is not worth any attempts at care.

“I love my husband,” said Eugenia. “Together we have endured so much. I will fight for his life; I know he would do the same for me.” She has hired an attorney to help defend her husband from the hospital.

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