June 3, 2021

China Announces Continued Population Control Under 3-Child Policy

At the end of May, the Chinese Communist Party announced that it is updating its population-controlling policy by allowing families to have three children, rather than just two. While the policy might be slightly different now, it still violates the human rights of unborn children and their mothers.

In 1979, China instituted its infamous one-child policy with the intent to control the nation's population growth. Under this policy, women were forced into abortion and sterilization if they had more than one child. Additionally, Chinese culture often values male children over female children. Because of this, families often chose to abort girls until they conceived a boy.

When China moved from a one-child policy to a two-child policy, none of these things changed. Women and unborn children continued to receive the same inhumane treatment from the Chinese Communist Party. The government has even gone as far as to send Uyghur Muslims to concentration camps if they violate population-control policies.

Forced and discriminatory abortion has become ingrained in China's culture through propaganda and these tyrannical policies. Many unborn children have already lost their lives to abortion because of this, and the slight change in China's family limit will not make a significant difference.

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