June 28, 2021

North Carolina Gov. Vetoes Bill Banning Discriminatory Abortions

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper (D)
Last Friday, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper (D) vetoed legislation that would have banned abortionists from aborting babies if they know that the woman is seeking it due to the unborn child's race, sex, or prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.

To overcome the governor's veto, “about two Democrats in the Senate and three in the House would need to vote with Republicans in favor of the abortion restrictions,” the Herald Sun reported.

HB 453, known as the Human Life Nondiscrimination Act/No Eugenics, would require abortionists to confirm before the abortion that the woman is not seeking an abortion because of any of the following: the actual or presumed race or racial makeup of the unborn child; the sex of the unborn child; the presence or presumed presence of Down syndrome.” This makes it different than legislation in other states, which don't require abortionists to proactively ask questions of pregnant mothers. They just prohibit the abortionist from carrying out an abortion if they happen to learn that the reason is discriminatory.

“This bill simply puts an end to eugenics,” Sen. Amy Galey said in a statement responding to Gov. Cooper's veto. “It shouldn’t be controversial to protect an unborn child with Down syndrome, but Gov. Cooper proves once again that he’s unwilling to stand up for North Carolinians when his left-wing donors demand his loyalty.”

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