June 9, 2021

New Online Pharmacies Sell Abortion Pills for Mail Delivery

When the Biden administration announced that it would stop enforcing FDA rules requiring abortion pills to be distributed in person by certified physicians, online abortion pill pharmacies started popping up across the nation.

A service called "Hey Jane" offers abortion pills to women in New York and Washington for $199, which is roughly $300 less than what clinics normally charge to initiate a chemical abortion in person. Hey Jane delivers abortion pills are delivered within three days in an unmarked box, but it does so at significantly increased risk to the pregnant mother.

Women who purchase abortion pills online will rarely have an ultrasound beforehand. If they date their pregnancy inaccurately or have an undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy, taking the abortion pill regimen could pose significant health risks and even lead to death through severe hemorrhaging. Hey Jane even notes this on its website, but mainly argues that its service offers savings and convenience compared to in-person abortion businesses.

Some states are enacting laws that prevent abortion pill distributors from sending abortion pills to customers through the mail, but these are very recent (and certainly don't apply to Illinois).

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