May 21, 2021

Pastor Jon Jones: Repealing Parental Notification would Cause "a major divide in the family structure.”

photo credit: Justin Brockie / Flickr
Pastor Jon Jones, who also spoke on behalf of Parents for the Protection of Girls at a news conference last week, went on WMAY's morning radio program to talk about his opposition to legislation repealing the Parental Notification of Abortion Act.

He again referenced a March 2021 poll by the Tarrance Group showing that 72% of Illinois voters support parental notification.

“I am an African American pastor in the Tinley Park area and amongst African Americans, the percentage is even higher,” Jones told WMAY. “76% of minority men and 74% of minority women support this [parental notification] law.”

He went on to argue that repealing parental notification would damage the family structure.

“Now you have adults and people of influence in your life saying ‘hey, don’t talk to your parents, just go ahead and take care of that,’” Jones said. “That causes a major divide in the family structure.”

When teachers or counselors specifically encourage young girls to avoid talking with their parents about important decisions such as abortion, that undermines their familial relationships. Parents should have the right to know if their daughter is planning to have an abortion because they can provide wisdom and emotional support throughout the process.

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