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April 20, 2021

Hawaii Gov. Signs Law to Allow Non-Doctors to Commit Abortions

Hawaii Gov. David Ige
On April 12, Hawaii Gov. David Ige signed into law a bill allowing some nurses- not just doctors- to end the lives of unborn children. The law went into effect immediately, and it adds Hawaii to the growing minority of states that allow non-doctors to abort children.

The new law allows Advanced Practice Registered Nurses to commit first-trimester abortions. This includes the ability to administer the abortion pill regimen or carry out aspiration abortions.

There are safety reasons why abortion is a practice limited to physicians in most states. Risks during aspiration abortions (otherwise known as D&C abortions) include organ damage, uterine puncture, hemorrhage, infection, and death. Similarly, the abortion pill can cause hemorrhaging, infection, and death. By only allowing doctors to commit abortions, some of the risks to the pregnant mother can be mitigated. Nurses with less training may be more likely to harm the vulnerable women seeking abortions.

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