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March 17, 2021

Autopsy Report Shows Uterus Perforation During Abortion Caused Alabama Woman's Death

May 7, 2020 image showing April Lowery being helped to her car
from West Alabama Women's Center shortly before her death
photo credit: Operation Rescue
A recently-released autopsy report shows how 29-year-old April Lowery died after a botched abortion in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

On May 7, 2020, Lowery was helped out of West Alabama Women's Center to a private vehicle, which then transported her to UAB Hospital in Birmingham. There, she was pronounced dead.

CEC for Life obtained the autopsy report on behalf of a coalition of pro-life groups that have been fighting for its release over the past eight months.

That autopsy report reads:

"There is a perforation of the left portion of the cervix, below the internal cervical os.  The perforation extends into the broad ligament with maceration of the lower uterine segment and vasculature of the broad ligament. This is associated with massive hemoperitoneum (approximately 1-1/2 liters). The uterus contains an intact fetus."

This means that during the abortion procedure, the metal instruments used by the abortionist tore a hole in Lowery's womb, resulting in severe damage to blood vessels. This led to approximately 51 ounces of internal bleeding, which caused Lowery's death.

Abortion does not only kill unborn children. It poses serious health risks to women as well. It preys upon women in difficult emotional and financial situations, and it can result in trauma or even death. Lowery's autopsy also showed scars on her wrist, which suggested a past suicide attempt.

To read more details about the abortion clinic and the circumstances that lead to Lowery's death, click here to read Operation Rescue's article.