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February 16, 2021

Operation Rescue Highlights Medical Emergencies Caused by Abortion Clinics in 2020

photo credit: Jonnica Hill / Unsplash
Not only does abortion kill innocent unborn children- it poses significant health risks to the women who have them.

Operation Rescue is an organization that helps shed light on the medical emergencies caused by abortion clinics across the US. Sidewalk counselors and pro-life bystanders who witness medical emergencies can send information to Operation Rescue, which then helps inform pro-lifers and expectant women by calling attention to these stories.

Last week, Operation Rescue published a 13-minute video highlighting the 67 medical emergencies and one maternal death reported to them during 2020. This number is lower than the 100 it recorded in 2019, due in part to some clinics being temporarily closed during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as fewer pro-life advocates protesting or sidewalk counseling. It is important to note that there are likely far more medical emergencies caused by abortion clinics that pro-life advocates did not make Operation Rescue aware of.

In its final tally, Operation Rescue recorded the following types of medical emergencies during 2020:
  • Unknown complication: 27
  • Hemorrhage: 20
  • Uterine perforation/internal injuries: 6
  • Sick/vomiting: 6
  • Severe pain: 3
  • Possible heart attack or stroke: 3
  • Seizures: 2
  • Sedation overdose: 2
  • Not responding/unconscious: 2
  • Incomplete abortion: 1
  • Life-threatening complication from the abortion pill: 1
  • Maternal death: 1