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February 1, 2021

Africa Speaks Out Against US Abortion Imperialism: "Help us. Don't kill us."

Screenshot from Obianuju Ekeocha's
YouTube video
As President Biden touted his plan to end Trump's ban on using federal tax dollars to fund or promote abortion in other countries, people across Africa are speaking out against the new administration's imperialist policy.

Even before Biden acted on his campaign promise to end the Mexico City Policy, social activist and Culture of Life Africa founder Obianuju Ekeocha criticized Biden's plan in a tweet, saying, “So Pres Biden intends to repeal the Mexico City Policy so that the United States can resume funding abortion organizations in Africa and other parts of the developing world…to kill our innocent unborn children. We will object”.

She went on to contact people across the continent of Africa and so they could respond to the US change in policy. Together, they created a video showing their unified stance against the Biden administration's plan to change the culture of Africa through foreign spending.

Ekeocha has long-criticized western leaders for using their wealth to push less-developed nations toward support for abortion. In a report released by Culture of Life Africa last year, she called out the UN and many Western nations for using COVID-19 as an excuse to push for more abortions in the continent. Humanitarian aid for the pandemic was often mixed with funding and equipment used to commit abortions.

Foreign interference in the abortion debate can also be witnessed through Argentina's recent legalization of abortion. Planned Parenthood openly touted that it helped to fund the country's political movement to legalize the killing of unborn children.