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November 3, 2020

Couple Suffering Botched Abortion Arrested as Abortionist Flees

Last week, a woman suffering from a botched abortion and her husband were both arrested outside of Women’s Reproductive Clinic in Santa Teresa, New Mexico. Pro-life advocates present at the scene say that the resident abortionist fled the scene before the incident occurred.

“Coalition for Life staff witnessed Dr. Theard [who runs the abortion business] quickly exit the facility, get in his car, and flee the scene,” Southwest Coalition for Life wrote in a Facebook post. “Minutes later, the police arrived at the clinic BEFORE the clients arrived. The woman then arrived and entered the facility with a bag containing the remains of her child which she intended to have cremated for burial after receiving medical attention.”

Pro-life advocates were able to speak with the woman before police took her and her husband away. She told them that she took the abortion pill, but it failed. Afterward, she was convinced by clinic staff to come in for a surgical abortion. Days after the surgical abortion, she was in severe pain and unexpectedly delivered additional remains of her deceased child at home. The couple then called the abortion facility, which told them to return.

The clinic allegedly took her child's remains and refused to give them back. When the woman became upset, the police arrested her for disturbance of the peace. Her husband attempted to reason with them, but he was tasered and arrested for interfering with her arrest.

Coalition for Life worked with police to allow the woman to seek medical attention for an infection caused by the botched abortion. She is now connected with Abortion on Trial attorneys at no cost to her.

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