December 31, 2019

UK Woman Recorded Audio of Boyfriend Strangling her and Telling her to Abort their Child.

Credit: Wales Online
Leah Collard released an audio recording of her ex-boyfriend assaulting and harassing her in hopes that she could bring awareness to abusive relationships and the trauma they cause.

In the recording, her boyfriend David Williams laughs while she cries in pain and repeatedly tells him to stop or get off her. "What are you gonna do about it?" he says. When he starts to strangle her, Collard exclaims, "You want to kill your child do you?" to which he responds, "Who the f*** would want to have a baby with you?" He simply tells her, "Get an abortion," and then holds her in place while repeatedly telling her to tear her ultrasound pictures.

Collard says in an interview with Wales Online that she stayed in the relationship for so long because she didn't believe she would be financially stable enough to care for kids and Williams threatened to kill himself if she left. “It is hard because when someone is controlling you it is like you can’t live your own life. You’ve lived your life through them for so long that you just don’t know what to do... They can make you scared of them but also completely dependent on them.”

Abortion in many scenarios is simply another way that abusive men can control women and avoid consequences such as having to pay child support. In these situations women don't need more access to abortion, they need resources to help them get out of their abusive relationships without fearing for their physical or financial safety.

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