March 5, 2010

'Catholic' King of Spain Signs Abortion Bill into Law

'Catholic' King of Spain Signs Abortion Bill into Law

King Juan Carlos of Spain

The King of Spain, Juan Carlos I, has signed a bill into law legalizing abortion on demand for the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy.

The law, which was recently passed by the Spanish Congress and Senate, also declares abortion as a "right," allows minors as young as 16 to obtain abortions without their parents' consent, and requires abortionist and homosexualist education in the nation's schools.

The king, a professed Catholic, ignored pleas from a number of theologians and pro-life activists to withhold his signature from the bill, which would have prevented it from being promulgated and applied.

Over 62,000 Spaniards signed a petition asking the king to withhold his approval to the law, through the website ("").

Although the Spanish constitution apparently requires the king to sign and promulgate laws that are passed by the Parliament, it is unclear if any mechanism can force him to do so.

Catholic moral doctrine prohibits any cooperation in the procurement of abortions, under pain of excommunication.

Human Life International, the world's largest pro-life organization, has condemned the act and said that the king excommunicated himself by signing the law.

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Contact: Matthew Cullinan Hoffman
Publish Date: March 5, 2010
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