December 18, 2020

Pro-Lifer Testifies to Congressional Subcommittee Discussing End of Hyde Amendment

Screenshot from House Appropriations Committee video
Last week, Christina Bennett, the Communications Director for the Family Institute of Connecticut, gave testimony to the Congressional subcommittee meeting to discuss the Hyde amendment.

The Hyde Amendment has been attached to every spending bill Congress has passed for decades, and its purpose is to prevent federal tax dollars from being used to fund abortion. Pro-abortion legislators are threatening to end the Hyde Amendment by arguing that it prevents poor women from having abortions that wealthier women can access. With the same logic, these lawmakers argue that the Hyde Amendment is inherently racist. Arguments over this topic started earlier this year, even holding up a federal stimulus bill to which pro-abortion lawmakers refused to add Hyde Amendment language.

Bennett was the only person to give pro-life testimony last week, but she was able to cover several different reasons why government funding of abortion is unethical.

Afterward, Bennett spoke Live Action about several of the arguments she made in her written and spoken testimony. Among them were how government-funded abortions enabled sex-traffickers and abusers to coerce women into abortion who otherwise may not have chosen to abort, how abortion disproportionately ends the lives of minority unborn children, and how unethical practices of the abortion industry would be rewarded by simply paying it with tax dollars.

“This is a government that has had so many abuses against people of color, and to think that on top of that, it’s going to fund abortion!” Bennett wrote in her written testimony to the subcommittee, “[It is] at the least irresponsible and at the most sinister to allow the federal government with a history of eugenics, slavery, Jim Crow laws, and other forms of systemic racism to pay for-profit organizations to end the lives of the vulnerable.”

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