November 18, 2020

Melissa McCarthy Retracts Donation to Anti-Sex-Trafficking Org Due to Rumors About Pro-Life Stance

Melissa McCarthy
The actress Melissa McCarthy retracted a $20,000 donation that HBO Max made to Exodus Cry, an organization that works to fight sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. The reason? It was rumored that Exodus Cry was pro-life, even though the organization has never taken a stance on the issue of abortion.

“It has come to our attention that our 20 Days of Kindness, which is something — a kindness up that we started to kind of shine a light on 20 great charities — had one in there that, there’s no other way to say it, we blew it,” McCarthy said in an Instagram video. “We made a mistake and we backed a charity that upon proper vetting, stands for everything that we do not.”

In its goal to end sex trafficking, Exodus Cry took a hard stance against PornHub, the largest pornography website on the internet. The site, owned by MindGeek, allows users to upload their own pornographic videos, which can include women and children who did not or could not give consent. PornHub can't verify whether the individuals shown in videos on the website are of legal age or gave consent, and it shows. Women and children who are the victims of sex-trafficking have been known to appear on PornHub videos. 

If the player below isn't working, click here to view Exodus Cry's video on how PornHub enables sex trafficking.

Melissa McCarthy was likely fed misinformation by PornHub supporters trying to "cancel" Exodus Cry. Supporters of PornHub and MindGeek allege that Exodus Cry opposes the website due to supposed pro-life and anti-LGBT beliefs, but this is demonstrated to be false by the charity's actions.

“Exodus Cry aligns itself with many dedicated women’s rights organizations from various backgrounds who are on the front lines combating domestic violence, commercial sexual exploitation, and sex trafficking,” said Exodus Cry in response to the misinformation campaign. “With regard to the issue of abortion and reproductive rights, Exodus Cry’s CEO has expressed his personal views that he believes in the protection of life in the womb. However, Exodus Cry [as an organization] has never taken any position on those issues and any suggestion otherwise is false. We partner with, and are inclusive of, organizations that are both for and against abortion, as we align on the common goal of putting an end to sex trafficking and all forms of commercial sexual exploitation.”

Sex-trafficking, society's porn addiction, and abortion are inextricably linked issues. The lives of women and children (both born and unborn) are disregarded for the sake of profit and pleasure. Sex-traffickers and abortion businesses alike only stand to gain from the situation.

Melissa McCarthy, when she accepted misinformation and cancel-culture, stood on the side of sex-traffickers.

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