October 8, 2020

YouTube and Vimeo Remove Video of Mom Begging Hospital to Provide Medical Care for her Preemie Twins

Emery Finnefrock
In 2017, Amanda Finnefrock watched her premature twin sons Emery and Elliot die in front of her while Riverside Methodist Hospital refused to provide them with medical treatment. In 2018, the pro-life organization Created Equal made a video to help publicize the incident to change the hospital's policy and get justice for the twins. Just recently however, after the Department of Health and Human Services announced that they were investigating the incident, the video hosting platforms Vimeo and YouTube took down the video.

Thankfully, it is still available on Facebook.

It is strange that the social media companies would wait two years to remove the videos, and specifically did so after their claims were validated by the announcement of an investigation by the federal government. “First YouTube removed the video — saying it violated ‘community standards,'” said Created Equal Director of External Affairs Gabriel Vance told Live Action News. “Then Vimeo followed suit claiming: ‘You cannot upload videos that are hateful, defamatory, or discriminatory.'”

YouTube was not specific in how the video violated its policy, but the video was certainly not hateful or discriminatory. The only explanation that would make sense with Vimeo's complaint is that the company is trying to defend the hospital from content it believes is "defamatory." Nothing in the video is false, however. This leads many pro-lifers to believe that social media companies are taking this side to defend the abortion industry and muzzle the idea that unborn children can be viable at only 22 weeks gestation.

YouTube's history with viral pro-life content gives some credibility to this theory.

Pro-lifers need to be wary of tech companies that mark life-affirming ideas as "hateful" or "fake news," even if the stories are completely true. President Trump has attempted to fight social media bias with an executive order, but much more headway needs to be made on this front.

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