September 29, 2020

Tennessee Prosecutor Says He Will Not Prosecute Abortionists Who Fail to Inform Women of Abortion Pill Reversal

Tennessee State Flag
Photo credit: Phillip Dodds / Flickr
Tennessee passed a law in January requiring abortionists to inform women about abortion pill reversal before they begin the abortion pill regimen. In defiance, one Tennessee prosecutor has declared that he will not prosecute abortionists who refuse to inform their patients about abortion pill reversal.

The pro-life law is currently the subject of a lawsuit by pro-abortion groups, but it currently has the force of law. District Attorney Glenn Funk outwardly announced that he does not care. "I will not prosecute or sanction an abortion provider who states, verbally and/or in writing, disagreement with the disclosures required by the Legislature which are subject to this lawsuit," Funk said.

In a statement, Tennessee Right to Life responded,
“We are disappointed that General Funk is failing to uphold his elected duty to prosecute violations of the laws of Tennessee. Women deserve to know every option available to them and, if abortionists are violating the law by not informing their patients of the abortion pill reversal method, then district attorneys across the state should be ready and willing to enforce this law and prosecute those providers. After all, pro-choice should mean getting a choice in the first place.”
Abortion pill reversal is a proven method that can save unborn children after their mothers have taken the first pill in the abortion pill regimen (mifepristone). Especially if taken within 24 hours, progesterone can reverse the effects of mifepristone by restoring the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the child.

The pro-life Tennessee law also bans abortion if an unborn child's heartbeat can be detected or if parents only want to abort the child for discriminatory reasons (such as the child's race, sex, or diagnosis with Down syndrome). Gov. Bill Lee has said that he will do "whatever it takes" to defend the law in court.