September 29, 2020

Colorado Voters to Decide Whether to Allow Abortion at 22 Weeks

photo credit: Gerardo Villalobos / Flickr
A pro-life campaign in the state of Colorado secured enough signatures to put the issue of late-term abortion on the ballot this November.

The "Due Date Too Late" campaign made a push in March to put Proposition 115 on the 2020 ballot, and it was successful. Voters in the state will be able to decide if they would like to ban all abortions past 22 weeks, with an exception to save the mother's life. If passed, abortionists who violate this law could be fined up to $5,000 and possibly lose their medical licenses for three years.

"Due Date Too Late" claims that Prop. 115 would prevent roughly 400 late-term abortions each year.

"Due Date Too Late" organizer Giuliana Day told the Associated Press he believed that abortion was, "the human rights issue of our lifetime.”

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