September 4, 2020

Alabama Abortion Clinic Under Criminal Investigation After Patient Dies

Photo credit: Operation Rescue
Operation Rescue reported last month that a woman who visited the West Alabama Women’s Center abortion facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama died on May 7 after visiting an abortion clinic. Now, the organization has learned that the clinic is currently under criminal investigation for this death.

Pro-life advocates reached out to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences (ADFS) to learn more about the details of the woman's death, which they believed would be public record. The ADFS surprised them with its response:

“District Attorney Hays Webb has notified the Alabama Department of Forensic Science that this case remains under criminal investigation. . . Consequently, the final reports in this case are not currently public record.”

Pro-life advocates saw the woman exiting West Alabama Women's Center on the day of her death. According to those bystanders, she seemed sickly pale and needed to be supported by a clinic worker while she walked to a car.

Fr. Terry Gensemer, the Director of the Charismatic Episcopal Church For Life, commented, “We are glad to discover that at least one state agency seems to be looking into this woman’s death. Perhaps the Department of Public Health can take a cue from the District Attorney and finally look into whether or not this abortion clinic followed proper protocol in the incident, as well as explain to citizens why a new owner is being allowed a pass on applying for a new license, which their own regulations clearly require.”

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