August 27, 2020

Chicago Abortion Clinic Has Two Medical Emergencies within Ten Days

Photo credit: Operation Rescue
Information obtained by Operation Rescue shows that Family Planning Associates Medical Group in Chicago, Illinois recently had two separate medical emergencies within ten days.

On July 8, 2020, an employee working for the clinic called 911 to ask for an ambulance to pick up a post-abortion woman with heavy vaginal bleeding. The strangely-cheerful employee said that the patient only needed to be hospitalized “for observation,” but excessive bleeding caused by abortion procedures can be dangerous if it isn't dealt with quickly.

“This was a serious, potentially life-threatening medical emergency that was downplayed by the caller as simply a jovial request for transport for observation,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Thankfully, the 911 dispatcher realized it was more serious than that and got help there as quickly as possible. This shows how abortion facilities try very hard to conceal the true dangers of abortion.”

Operation Rescue also received a report from pro-life bystanders that a second ambulance left the clinic with its sirens running in a separate incident just ten days later. Operation Rescue was unable to find 911 records, however, indicating that a private ambulance may have been called to avoid creating public records of another medical emergency at the clinic.

According to Operation Rescue, nine women have required emergency medical transportation from Family Planning Associates Medical Group in the past two years.

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