July 10, 2020

Trump Administration Begins Process to Withdraw from WHO

After over a month of questioning the World Health Organization's (WHO) competence and allegiance (which included the withdrawal of US funding), the Trump administration has finally announced that it is beginning the process of withdrawal from the WHO.

The pro-abortion UN organization has been accused of downplaying and misleading the public about the danger of COVID-19 during its early development to cover for the Chinese government.

"In December, the WHO refused to act on or publicize Taiwan’s warning that the new respiratory infection emerging in China could pass from human to human," Florida Senator Marco Rubio wrote in the National Review

"In mid January, despite accumulating evidence of patients contracting what we now know as COVID-19 from other people, the organization repeated the CCP’s [Chinese Communist Party's] lie that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission. In January the WHO, at Beijing’s behest, also blocked Taiwan from participating in critical meetings to coordinate responses to the coronavirus and even reportedly provided wrong information about the virus’s spread in Taiwan. These actions are unacceptable and should not be allowed to continue."

The process to withdraw from the UN requires a full year of advance notice, so the United States would not separate from the WHO until July 6, 2021. This would require President Trump's reelection and likely the approval of Congress. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has already said that he will cancel the United States' withdrawal on his first day in office if he is elected.

While it may not be the main reason for the United States' withdrawal from the WHO, taking this action will also separate US ties with an organization that consistently uses international health funding and initiatives to promote abortion globally.

According to CNA, "The WHO’s coronavirus pandemic plans for Ecuador includes Minimum Initial Service Packages from the United Nations Population Fund, which include instruments used in the context of abortion: vacuum extractors, craniocrasts for the crushing of fetal skills, and drugs to perform abortions. The equipment comes with manuals from the abortion provider IBIS, which explain how the equipment can be used for abortion."

Up until the end of May when President Trump withdrew US funding from the WHO, US tax dollars contributed to $200 million of the organization's budget yearly.