June 12, 2020

UN Members Ignore US Motion Blocking Abortion Promotion in Emergency Aid

A Morocco delegate steering negotiations regarding UN humanitarian assistance during emergencies (such as COVID-19) ignored a declaration from the US that should have blocked the legislation. The US objected because the current draft used language the UN has abused to promote abortion globally. Rather than following the correct procedures, the Moroccan diplomat simply acknowledged the complaint and forwarded the draft for publication.

“The United States cannot accept the terms ‘sexual and reproductive health care services’ and ‘sexual and reproductive health’,” reads a statement by US diplomats to the UN. UN agencies have taken advantage of similar language to promote abortion globally.

“At the UN and elsewhere, the United States will continue its work to build consensus on clear terminology that would better promote women’s health without also promoting abortion,” the U.S. statement continues. “The United States rejects any interpretation of international human rights to require any State Party to provide access to abortion. In short, there is no international right to abortion, nor is there any duty on the part of States to finance or facilitate abortion.”

The UN, in an effort to simplify decision-making while UN headquarters are closed due to COVID-19, currently uses a procedure that considers a resolution adopted if no members object. The US objected, but the process was not honored.

This resolution will need to complete more steps before it is officially passed, so pro-life nations will have opportunities to block it or vote against it.