June 11, 2020

Religious Groups and Businesses Sue the State of Illinois over Illinois Reproductive Health Act's Abortion Coverage Mandate

Thomas More Society
Vice President Peter Breen
Yesterday, the Thomas More Society filed a lawsuit against the state of Illinois for mandating that all insurance policies sold in the state include elective abortion coverage.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the Illinois Baptist State Association, the Southland Smiles dental practice and the Rock River Cartage freight company in the Sangamon County Circuit Court. It charges that requiring all health insurance plans to include coverage for elective abortion violates the religious rights of those who believe abortion kills a human being.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction that would prevent the state of Illinois from enforcing the abortion coverage requirement against employers and insurance companies.

“This forced coverage of abortion is a blatant violation of the religious and conscience rights of Illinoisans,” said Thomas More Society Vice President Peter Breen. “While the secular forces behind this mandate often erroneously object to any influence of religion on the state, here they had no hesitation in wielding state power against our sincerely held, common-sense religious beliefs, which compel us to avoid paying for health insurance coverage of abortion.”

“Governor Pritzker and his administration have run roughshod over the religious freedoms of Illinoisans, from shuttering churches during COVID-19, to forcing people of faith to pay for elective abortions,” Breen continued. “The people of Illinois shouldn’t have to sue to have their fundamental religious rights recognized, but just as we succeeded in reopening our state’s churches through vigorous court actions, we will fight this abortion insurance mandate until it is reversed.”