June 3, 2020

New York Baby Born 11 Weeks Early Comes Home from Hospital after Mother Gave Birth During Coma

Photo Credit: Heike Mintel / Unsplash
Doctors have proven once again that abortion is never medically necessary to save the life of a mother.

NYU Winthrop Hospital put pregnant mother and COVID-19 patient Adriana Torres in a medically-induced coma to help during her fight against the disease. After she had been in the coma for a while, doctors knew that they needed to end the pregnancy early in order to increase both the mother and the child's chance of survival. To accomplish this, they performed an emergency C-section on April 8th and Leah was born.

Leah was born 11 weeks early, and therefore had a lower chance of survival than a child born normally would. Leah's chances were higher than the chances she would have had if the only solution was abortion, however. Emergency C-sections are both life-affirming and quicker than abortion procedures. The child has a chance at survival, and doctors can end a mother's pregnancy to tend to life-threatening issues.

Leah was 2 pounds and 15 ounces when she was born, but she surprised even the doctors by nearly doubling her weight in the weeks after the procedure. Adriana Torres successfully recovered from COVID-19 and her daughter was finally able to go home with her family last Wednesday.