May 14, 2020

Indiana Abortion Clinic Reportedly Committing Surgical Abortions Without a License

Photo Credit: Screen Capture from
Center for Medical Progress Video
A report discovered by pro-life advocates exposes that a Planned Parenthood clinic in Indiana is committing surgical abortions without a license by getting help from an abortionist shown in one of the Center for Medical Progress's undercover videos.

Tippecanoe County Right to Life reviewed two Termination of Pregnancy Reports showing that Lafayette Planned Parenthood in Lafayette, Indiana committed two surgical abortions on March 5,2020. Lafayette Planned Parenthood is only licensed for chemical abortions, so these abortions occurred without the state officials making sure the clinic was properly equipped.

Tippecanoe County Right to Life board member Kevin Niebrugge filed complaints with the Indiana Attorney General’s Office and the Indiana State Department of Health. Regarding the abortions, he said, “The Lafayette Planned Parenthood facility is not licensed to do surgical abortions, because their facility is not set up to meet the physical building and safety standards required for surgical abortions.”

The person who signed the Termination of Pregnancy Reports was Dr. Deborah Nucatola, who was filmed by pro-life undercover journalists while discussing how she harvests fetal body parts from aborted children, sometimes altering the abortion procedure to do so.

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