May 15, 2020

Aurora, IL Planned Parenthood Hospitalizes Patient During COVID-19 Lockdown

Photo Credit: Operation Rescue
Last month a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Illinois hospitalized a woman after harming her in an elective procedure. Illinois clinics take advantage of the fact that Illinois's state government grants them special treatment, and that has continued during the COVID-19 outbreak.

On April 22, a packed Planned Parenthood clinic in Aurora, IL had a patient picked up by an ambulance due to hemorrhaging caused by an elective surgical abortion procedure.

“It’s irrational that the hospital was barred from conducting elective surgical procedures, while abortion facilities are allowed to do elective surgical abortions without so much as a limit on the number of people in the facility,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, the organization that provided the above video. “Abortion facilities are treated as if they are more important than hospitals or anything else. Businesses and churches were forced to close, but abortion facilities remain open with the blessing of Democrat Gov. Pritzker.”

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