March 6, 2020

UK Website Exposed for Illegally Shipping Abortion Pills Overseas Without Prescriptions

Carole Novielli, a writer at Live Action News, wrote an investigative article detailing her experience exchanging messages with a customer service representative at SafeAbortionRX, a UK website which ships abortion pills to the United States. In her conversation with a representative who went by "Casey," she learned that the website was even willing to illegally ship abortion drugs to Americans who don't have prescriptions.

“Our products are prescription drugs and we strictly DO NOT dispense them without a healthcare professional’s advice slip or prescription,” their prescription policy states. It showed room for exceptions lower down the page, however: “If you feel that the medication is an urgent necessity for you and do not have a prescription, please contact our healthcare experts on the live chat or support team.”

SafeAbortionRX was willing to sell Carole abortion kits including the abortion pill regimen Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The first of these pills starves an unborn child by reducing the transfer of nutrients from a mother's body to her child. The second induces labor to remove the deceased child from the mother's womb. The website recommends minimal clinical supervision during the abortion process, but women who access these drugs via the internet without prescriptions can easily attempt to carry out abortions on their own, possibly hurting themselves in the process.

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