November 13, 2015

Jahi Family: Examining Neurologist Finds She’s Alive

When last we visited the Jahi McMath case, a judge gave her mother the chance to file an amended complaint showing that Jahi is alive, with the assurance that if properly pleaded, evidence of life could be brought She seems to have done just that.

From Thaddeus Mason Pope’s blog Medical Futility, quoting the amended complaint:

 In the opinion of the pediatric neurologist who has examined Jahi, having spent hours with her and reviewed numerous videotapes of her, that time has proven that Jahi has not followed the trajectory of imminent total body deterioration and collapsed that was predicted back in December of 2013, based on the diagnosis of brain death. Her brain is alive in the neuropathological sense and it is not necrotic. At this time, Jahi does not fulfill California’s statutory definition of death, which requires the irreversible absence of all brain function, because she exhibits hypothalamic function and intermittent responsiveness to verbal commands.

If the neurologist testifies to what the complaint says–and if he or she has the credentials claimed–history could be made.

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