March 17, 2020

Only Missouri Abortion Clinic Now Referring All Patients to Illinois for Abortions

Planned Parenthood "mega-clinic" in Fairview Heights
Operation Rescue made an undercover call to Missouri's only remaining abortion facility, an unlicensed Planned Parenthood clinic in St. Louis in on-and-off legal battles with the state, and learned that the facility is currently referring all callers seeking abortions to Illinois; a strange move considering only 3 abortions occurred in the clinic last month.

The referrals are also in clear contrast with what Yamelsie Rodriguez, CEO of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri, told NPR earlier this month. Then, she suggested that patients were contacting the St. Louis Clinic and then choosing to go to Illinois because they did not want to deal with Missouri's required 72-hour waiting period. "When they are weighing their options, the majority of patients are clearly seeing that abortion access is so unmanageable that they're choosing to cross state lines," Rodriguez said. Operation Rescue's call proves this to be a false statement designed to get political points. Read the transcript below:

Caller: I need to get an abortion appointment in St. Louis.

RHSPP: Our St. Louis, Missouri, location doesn’t have any availability at this time.  We do have available appointments at the Illinois location.

Caller: I’m not really able to travel out of state.  Isn’t there some way you can fit me into the schedule?

RHSPP: We don’t have any op — procedures available at that location at all.

Caller: Oh, like, even though it says online that you offer abortions?

RHSPP: Yes, at this time, the St. Louis, Missouri, location does not have any availability for those services.

Caller: So there’s just no way? Like, you don’t just have a half-hour or an hour that I could get an abortion in St. Louis right now?


Caller: Ok, well, that stinks, because I can’t go out of state. Um, like if I — Is there a way I could pay extra and get the abortion in St. Louis?

RHSPP: No, ma’am.

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