March 17, 2020

Doctors Without Borders Collaborates to Make Instructional DIY Abortion Video

Doctors Without Borders is known most often as
Médecins Sans Frontières outside of the United States.

Credit: Richard Roche / Flickr
Doctors Without Borders, a charitable organization in which medical professionals volunteer to provide health care to people areas struck with disasters such as endemic disease or war, recently surprised many by collaborating with  to make an instructional video about how to complete at-home abortions using the abortion pill regimen without medical supervision.

Manisha Kumar, head of a task force for "safe abortion care" at Doctors Without Borders, said this to Vice: “This course doesn’t use the phrase ‘self-managed abortion,’ but it intentionally uses non-technical, simple language as much as possible because we want everyone to understand the basics about how a medication abortion or an abortion with pills works. I don’t think there should be any secrecy there.”

There are fears among pro-lifers that the reputation of Doctors Without Borders will cause more women to complete at-home abortion procedures without medical supervision.

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