March 2, 2020

New Indiana Bill Requires Abortion Clinics to Tell Women Considering Abortions about Humane Disposition Law

In the aftermath of the discovery of the late Ulrich Klopfer's hoard of over 2,000 aborted children at his home, the Indiana state government enacted a law requiring abortion clinics to treat the remains of aborted children with respect. In many cases, aborted children are seen by abortion clinics and hospitals as "medical waste," but the Indiana law requires abortion clinics to have the bodies of aborted children cremated or buried.

Now, a new bill has been sent to Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb which would require abortion clinics to provide women considering abortions complete information about the humane final disposition law. Indiana Right to Life President and CEO Mike Fichter gave this statement:
“Indiana’s current humane final disposition law, as upheld by the Supreme Court, contains grey areas we believe abortion clinics use to keep women in the dark, especially when it comes to drug-induced abortions. This bill addresses these areas and makes sure women get all the facts, including the reality that a drug-induced abortion will result in an aborted baby. We will continue working for a day when no child is aborted in Indiana. Until that day comes, this bill will make sure these children are never again treated like common medical waste in our state.”
The law would also require abortion clinics, crematoriums, and funeral homes to keep accurate logs of aborted bodies as they are sent from place to place and respectfully set to rest. These logs will make bodies easier to track and prevent people like Klopfer from being able to get away with taking and hiding bodies.

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