February 3, 2020

Live Action News TikTok Account Banned and Later Reinstated by Social Media Giant

Credit: Live Action News
On January 30, the video-sharing app TikTok temporarily banned LiveAction News from its platform for "violating multiple community guidelines." TikTok responded on January 31 that the ban was a result of "human error" and reinstated Live Action News's account, but this action is not outside of the norm for social media corporations with how they have treated pro-life media in the past.

“Live Action’s videos shared baby photos and videos and highlighted the illogic of the pro-abortion movement,” Live Action President Lila Rose said in a statement. “At the same time, TikTok allows pro-abortion accounts and videos to remain on the platform, videos like this that simulate brutal harm to preborn or born infants. Live Action appealed TikTok’s decision to remove one of our videos and within a half hour our account was completely removed on the platform. No more account, no more videos. This is blatant viewpoint discrimination and an egregious attempt to silence pro-life voices. TikTok should reinstate our account in full and allow all voices on the platform.”

Live Action News's reinstatement allows the organization to continue reaching out to young adults who are often the most vulnerable to having abortions.

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