October 9, 2019

Beverly Hills Woman Hemorrhages After Aborting 18-week Twins

On August 6, 2019, A 39-year old woman was brought from the Pro-Choice Medical Center in Beverly Hills to a hospital for hemorrhaging after she had an abortion on her 18-week preborn twin children. The abortion procedure for preborn children of that gestational age, known as dilation and evacuation, involves a doctor physically tearing limbs off preborn children and crushing the skull so that each piece can be removed without undergoing surgery or inducing labor.

Abortion-vulnerable women need to be made aware of the dangers involved with this procedure. Late-term abortions that require dilation and evacuation involve the risk of physical harm to the mother while the doctor physically tears pieces of her children out of her body. If a piece gets left behind or the doctor damages the mother's uterus during the removal process, the mother could experience life-threatening infection or hemorrhages. Click here to read more.