January 7, 2020

Operation Rescue Survey: Number of Surgical Abortion Facilities at Record Low; Chemical Abortion Facilities Increasing

On Jan 6, 2020, Operation Rescue released its annual survey on the number of abortion facilities in the United States. The survey shows that over 2019, the total number of abortion facilities increased from 701 to 710, but the number of surgical abortion facilities has reached a record low of 464.

“The decline in surgical abortion facilities is terrible news for the Abortion Cartel, but great news for women and their babies,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Surgical abortion facilities are still the most profitable, especially if they conduct abortions past the first trimester when prices – and profits – really soar. When they shut down it saves lives and takes money out of the pockets of the abortionists.”

Operation Rescue's survey reinforces that chemical abortion is rising in popularity as an abortion method. Surgical abortion clinics tend to offer both chemical and surgical abortions, but chemical abortions only provide abortion through the use of medication. Out of the 710 abortion clinics Operation Rescue counted, 246 of them only provide chemical abortions. This number is likely to continue increasing since abortion-inducing drugs are easier and cheaper to provide than surgical abortions. Over the past decade, there has been a 46% increase in the number of clinics that only provide chemical abortions.

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