January 6, 2020

New Jersey Governor Signs Bill Giving $9.5 Million to Fund Abortion Clinics

Pro-Abortion Gov. Phil Murphy dressed in a pink tie, pink pocket square, and pink socks to address the public about his recent signature of bill A5802. His signature immediately allocated state funds through the current fiscal year (ending June 30).

“Planned Parenthood made a conscious decision to continuing providing vital information to their patients, knowing it would cost them much-needed federal funds,” Gov. Murphy said, referring to Planned Parenthood's decision to reject Title X funding because the organization did not want to comply with new pro-life rules.

The rules required family planning grantees to stop co-locating with abortion providers or referring patients to abortion providers. More and more states have chosen to attempt to replace the federal funds abortion corporations lost by allocating state funds to keep them afloat.

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