January 16, 2020

IL Rep. Dan Lipinski Under Fire from Democrats over Support for Louisiana Abortion Regulation

U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-IL)
Credit: American Life League / Flickr
U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinksi (D-IL) is facing backlash from his party for his support of a Louisiana law that would require abortionists to maintain admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their facility.

Rep. Lipinski signed a friend of the court brief alongside 200 other Congress members to support Louisiana's law as it faces a Supreme Court Decision. For this, he is being heavily criticized by other members of his party, some of which argue he shouldn't be considered a Democrat at all.
Lipinski has also fallen under scrutiny from pro-life advocates in the past for his aye vote on the pro-abortion Equality Act. The Representative from Cook County voted in favor of the Equality Act, arguing that other aspects of the bill were positive enough that he could support it while trying to strengthen conscience protections afterward.

Rep. Lipinski offered this response to Live Action News when asked to comment:
The Louisiana law in question requires hospital admitting privileges for physicians performing abortions. I signed the amicus brief because I agree with the intention of the law as stated by the author, Democratic Louisiana State Representative Katrina Jackson: “If you are going to perform abortions in the State of Louisiana, you’re going to do so in a safe environment and in a safe manner that offers women the optimal protection and care of their bodies.” This is not an “undue burden.”
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