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January 28, 2020

Buttigieg Asked if there is Room in the Democrat Party for Pro-Life Voices

Democrat Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg
Credit: Flickr / Gage Skidmore
Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats for Life of America, asked a question to Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg on Monday on whether he believed there was space in the Democratic party for pro-life voices.

“I am a proud pro-life Democrat. So, do you want the support of pro-life Democrats—pro-life Democratic voters?” Day asked. “And if so, would you support more moderate platform language in the Democratic Party, to ensure that the party of diversity, of inclusion, really does include everybody?”

After avoiding the question to reiterate his pro-abortion stance, he told Day that he "understands" if Democrats choose not to vote for him because of his beliefs that the government should not regulate abortion in any way. This once again reveals the issue that pro-life Democrats have nowhere to turn in the upcoming election.

Senator Warren was asked on the presidential debate stage on November 20th if there was any room in the Democratic party for a pro-life politician, to which she responded the party was "fundamentally" about preserving access to abortion and “abortion rights are human rights.” She attempted to clarify that she didn't want to drive anyone away from the Democrat party, but she may be driving some away from the ballot box in 2020.

Pro-life activists have expressed frustration at the increasingly partisan nature of the abortion debate. Some even voiced to the Catholic News Agency that President Donald Trump's attendance at March for Life last week could alienate non-republicans, despite several pro-life Democrats also speaking at the event. “As a pro-life person, I think the movement needs all the help it can get to cross party lines,” Connie Poulos told CNA.

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