December 30, 2019

Mother Writes that Doctors Refused to Help her Child Born Three Days Before "Viability" Cut-off

Kailor Dean
Credit: A Moment with Kailor Facebook Page
A Georgia woman went to Facebook early this month to describe her experience giving birth to a boy whom doctors refused to help because he was born three days before their viability cut-off.

She rejected doctor recommendations to abort her baby, whom she named Kailor, and struggled throughout her pregnancy with bleeding. The woman required ten transfusions in order to reach 22 weeks and 4 days. Despite how far she made it, terrible medical practice prevented Kailor from having any chance at survival. The mother gave birth while waiting for nine hours for an ambulance to arrive. Kailor was born inside an amniotic sac, which wasn't cut for seven minutes after he was born. He lived for 51 minutes total, and doctors issued a do not resuscitate order against the family's wishes.

Stories like this are becoming increasingly common as hospitals enforce strict viability cut-offs that deny prematurely born children decent medical care. It is sad that such a horrible human rights violation could become normal practice within the United States.

Click here to read more on the Facebook page Kailor's mother created to spread awareness of the indecent treatment some hospitals provide to prematurely born children.