December 31, 2019

Firefighters who Saved Life of Premature Baby Celebrate with Mother

Credit: DC Fire and EMS
In March, a group of firefighters in Washington DC were flagged down by a man frantically waving on the side of the road. His wife was giving birth prematurely, and they needed help.

Firefighter Terrika Hooks told reporters that they were on the way to another call, but the situation was urgent and the baby was right there. Cierra Duckett had suddenly given birth to ZaNiayh Duckett while her family was traveling back from the doctor. ZaNiayh was born inside an amniotic sac, which the firefighters had to cut open. When they did this, however, ZaNiayh wasn't breathing. As the firefighters continued to work, there was even a point when she had no pulse.

The firefighters met with the Duckett family on Christmas Eve this year to celebrate the successful survival of ZaNiayh. To commemorate the occasion, the firefighters gave ZaNiayh a baby-size firefighter uniform.

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