November 12, 2019

Women Talk About Experiences with Abortionist who Collected Aborted Bodies

Ulrich Klopfer
After Ulrich “George” Klopfer's recent death, it was found that he had collected the bodies of over 2,400 aborted children. When bodies were found by his lawyer and family, the discovery became a national news story. Now, patients of Dr. Klopfer have spoken out about how he treated them while he was still a licensed abortion provider.

“It was excruciating,” said Jessica Bowne, who underwent an abortion with Klopfer when she was 18. “It was so painful… I begged him and asked to stop. I started screaming and crying and I said, ‘Please stop, I don’t want to do this anymore,’ and he looked at the nurse and told her to keep me quiet because I was going to scare the other patients.” The nurse then covered Browne's mouth to silence her.

Another woman almost died after Klopfer did not complete a dilation and evacuation abortion. “She was so sick and her uterus was so infected with bacteria with pieces of the tissue of baby left inside that the antibiotics didn’t work,” said Dr. Geoff Cly to WANE. “We had to do surgery eventually and we had to take her uterus out. So this young woman could never have children anymore. So I was, as a doctor, I was upset.”

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